Why did I fast for 3 days?

Why did I fast for 3 days?


I am going to write about two types of fasting I am doing or have done, which are really beneficial and interesting.

I have been watching and listening to a lot of Dr.Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. (FoundMyFitness on yt). She has interviewed a lot of incredible scientists about many interesting topics, one of them being fasting. There is a lot of benefits in doing some type of fasting. As I was watching those videos, I would find myself crazy not to do at least some of it because of the benefits.

Time Restricted Eating – Full Article on this HERE

I adopted “time restricted eating” fast, because the benefits were just mind blowing. But what it is?

Eating within an 8 to 12-hour time window that begins with when the first food or non-water drink enters your mouth.

The studies in mice have shown a lot of benefits including gaining muscle mass and reducing fat mass just from doing the time restricted eating and not changing anything else! Then there are some inclinations to benefits such as lower inflammation, improved repair processes, aerobic and endurance improvements.

After hearing this, it was easy to start doing it. Most benefits were when the ratio was 9 hours of eating and 16 hours of not eating. I have been doing it for a few months now (12 or 11 hours of time restricted eating) and it has been amazing. It was harder on start, because of the evening cravings, but after a while, they disappeared. It also helped me to start exercising in the morning, because I would find myself hungry and eager to eat after I woke up before and It was hard to exercise after the breakfast. Now, there was another reason to postpone my breakfast (so I can eat later in the evening) and so, the exercise was natural outcome of that.

How it works?

Simplified version is that ingestion of food affects metabolism and “organism’s clocks” which then affect production and activity of enzymes. After you ingest the 1st meal or non-water drink, the enzymes get activated and after 12 hours, they are “turning off”. You are basically just using the time when are your liver, enzymes and so on the most “powerful”. The studies were even done with one cheat day, so when it’s just not going to work out someday, you don’t have to worry much.

That’s one thing I have been doing. Now to the normal fasting, which is fasting for 2 or more days, drinking only water, occasionally coffee. There are also benefits to it.

Normal Fasting

When you fast, your body is going to use your stored carbohydrates after a day or so. After that, body is going to start producing ketone bodies from fat! That’s right, your body is able to switch its metabolism to run on fat instead, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to survive without food. Another thing is that the organism is going to start “eating itself”, by that I mean, that it is going to do apoptosis and autophagy. Which is programmed cell death and programmed cell death of a damaged cell! Yes, your body is clever and would preferably “feed” on the damaged cells, which are or could be future cancer ones or some other damaging cells. You might ask “What about the healthy cells it kills though?”, well as it turns out, after you start eating again after the fast, your body will automatically rebuild the lost cells with new and healthy ones. It’s the fastest growing of the organism from the time you were a baby, which is incredible.

So, I had this knowledge, I was still thinking about it and couldn’t find a time to do it. That was for months and then I knew thinking about it won’t do anything, and so as soon as I didn’t have much to do, I started the fast. I was planning to do at least 3 days.

How it went?

First two days were hard. I couldn’t sleep much and when I did, I would dream about food. That was a little bit crazy, but during the day, I haven’t felt that bad, apart from the times I was usually eating, basically my whole life. Which is interesting, how your body can remember the time you eat and makes you feel hungry on those times. Third day was the best one, and you might ask “That’s weird, why would it be better the longer you fast?”. It is because your body is switching to the fat as a source of energy, and already starts producing ketone bodies as a new source of energy. People are usually saying that you should fast at least 3 days and then start eating slowly whenever you feel hungry (6-9 days in total for a lot of people). I didn’t really want to go that far, because I think the most beneficial is the 3 days, I didn’t want to push it and thought it’s enough for 1st fasting in my life.

That was my 3 days fast, which I am glad I did. As I was fasting, I got more and more interested in Ketogenic state and that you can keep it even after you start eating again with ketogenic diet. I researched a lot of stuff about it and decided to give it a go, because I was getting in to it anyway, so why not give it a shot right? More on Ketogenic State later though! A little spoiler to the next article, I am in ketosis for a week and a half so far, I feel great and love it!

Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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