Boost Your Health – Time Restricted Eating

Boost Your Health – Time Restricted Eating

Time Restricted Eating (TRE)

This is something I have been doing for some time now and I find useful, so I would like to share it with you.  It’s super easy to try! You can see the results for yourself. We will go through several benefits of it and how it works. As much as 15% of the protein-encoding genome is regulated by circadian rhythm!

What is it?

It’s eating in a time restricted window during the day. Let’s say that you start eating at 10 am. and you’ll have your last meal at 8 pm. That’s 14 hours of not eating and 10 hours of eating. We will regard this in this format – 14/10. It’s also important to note that anything non-water that comes to your stomach starts the clock.

Gaining Muscle Mass

Mice gained 10% of muscle mass on TRE. In this study, mice who did TRE didn’t do anything differently than the control group. They didn’t have different food or anything else, they were just kept away from food for 12 to 16 hours. The control group had access to

Reducing Inflammation

I am writing about inflammation a lot as it affects us both physically and mentally. How? You can check that in this article. There is a lot of benefits that are coming from TRE and some of the mechanisms aren’t understood yet, this one though is. Cells in your gut are absorbing the nutrients. They are tight to each other, but sometimes, when we are processing food, they can get damaged and miniature crack opens up. Toxins get into this gap and they cause higher inflammation! How does TRE prevent this from happening? Well, when you eat only 8 or 10 hours, your gut has way more time to “calm down”, relax and repair, so no gaps.

“10-14 hours of fasting when we get up in the morning means that we have given our gut rest.” – Dr. Satchin Panda

How does TRE protects us from Diabetes, Obesity and other Diseases?

Your body is evolutionary tuned to eat during the day and light. With your 1st meal, the body turns on all the enzymes to process the food and everything. It is turning off automatically again after 8 to 10 hours.

The food is unable to get absorbed that well. Insulin response is low, therefore glucose levels in the blood can stay higher for much longer periods of time. healthy people in the morning, can get measured in the evening and be in “pre-diabetic” conditions.

How does it Lower your Insulin Response?

This is really fascinating to me, because it’s only a year-old news. Melatonin is causing it. Both brain and GUT produce melatonin! What melatonin does, is that it inhibits the insulin response in pancreas. Melatonin is also sometimes called “sleep” hormone as it is released as sun goes down and few hours before we go sleep, then it helps with that. So therefore, it is best to avoid eating any sweets late at night, or few hours before you go to sleep. People are also reporting falling asleep has improved and I can speak for myself that that’s what happened to me too.

Protection against cancer

There are some damaged cells in your body, potential tumor or cancer ones. Not eating for 14-16 hours can cause your body to break down some of these damaged cells in a process called apoptosis or autophagy. Apart from that, TRE affects gene expression of genes involved in longevity and protection against disease.

Increase Mitochondrial Volume

You can trigger mitochondrial biogenesis by factors such as exercise, heat shock, cold shock  and fasting. It is also triggered after 15 hours of not eating. Mitochondria are powerhouses of our cells. We can see a better endurance linked to a larger volume of mitochondria thanks to TRE, again in studies done on mice.

Indirect way of weight loss

TRE is nothing about restricting calories, but people are just not eating as much. Don’t get me wrong, they feel satiated the whole day, but they mainly restrict those evening sugar or salty treats. That’s also the best time to restrict the eating, meaning it’s better to start eating at 10 am and finish at 6-8 pm then start eating at 12 am and finish at 8-10 pm.

How to get into it?

I can say for myself, that I started by doing 12/12 ratio and then slowly moved to 13/11 and 14/10. It’s a change for your body and you might feel hungry later in the night or you won’t be able to not eat in the morning or something. That’s going to change faster than you think. You might discover that it feels awesome.

My personal experience

Apart from what I’ve written above, I can feel being more energised or not so drowsy in the morning, which is a huge thing for me. It’s incredible, how you can feel a difference, when you keep eating something late at night, because that happens sometimes for any reason and I just don’t feel that good in the morning. I would definitely recommend to everyone to give it a try, because the benefits are huge.

Hope you enjoyed this artcile. Have an awesome day, life and the universe and see you next time!

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