Meditation and how to get into it

Meditation and how to get into it

“You can make any human activity into meditation simply by being completely with it and doing it just to do it.” Allan Watts

Today I would like to write something about meditation. I would like to pass along what I have learned so far. I have been meditating for roughly past year more or less regularly. I tried to get into it in the past too but I never really understood it. I didn’t really know when is the moment of meditating. When it starts or what it does. And that’s the thing, there is no goal of meditation. The goal is the process itself. I mean, sure there are things like clean your head, thoughts and reduce a stress. But you can’t really think about that. So, my first few tries would be just trying to meditate and then waiting for something. But there’s nothing coming, or at least not at the beginnings.

Now to the meditation itself and how to get into it. One of the most important things I have learned was that meditation is that kind of pleasant feeling when you are just looking in some direction but your eyes are not really focused and you are kind of spaced out, for example it could happen when you traveling home or in school or something like that. I think that it happens to all of us from time to time. But that really is a sort of meditation. When I found that out, it was no longer such a strange thing I didn’t understand. This information really helped me to get into meditation and I hope it helps you as well.

Music, guided meditation and binarual beats

When I started meditating I used a guided meditation a several time and still do from time to time. You can even search for guided meditation on youtube and find your favourite one. I found guided kundalini meditation which is really intense. I think that’s a way how to get into it too, but I don’t recommend it as yours first few meditations because of how intense it is, your head can hurt a bit afterwards. So, you can search for any meditation music and just choose whatever floats your boat. What I found fairly recently are binaural beats. Your brain works on different frequencies in different situations and what binaural beats does is that they play different frequencies in each ear (you need to use headphones) and your brain makes the frequency in between on its own. For example: It’s going to be 300hz in one ear and 350 in the other one, your brain makes 325 frequency and after 10-15 minutes your neurons synchronize on that frequency and basically fire at the same time. It’s like a hack for meditation and you can find which frequencies are the best for you and for your brain during meditation. When I am starting meditation, I am also focusing on my breath which can help you stop thinking about whatever you thinking about.

Let go

That’s where you want to get, to stop really thinking and let your mind wonder. It’s good to kind of space out of yourself so you can see things in different point of view and a lot of times it can be very insightful. One thing which I find utterly amazing and I think is kind of meditation, is to think about you in the relation to the cosmos. You are such a little blip in such a vast universe, yet without you this universe wouldn’t be this universe. You are as important as any other thing or person in this universe. You are literally bending space time itself. Be proud of that!

You can check this article “Benefits of meditation” for summary of most significant benefits. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

Meditation and how to get into it

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