Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of meditation

I mentioned some positive effects of meditation in the article Meditation, if you want to know how to get and how I got into meditation check it out. In this article though, I would like to write just about the benefits alone.

Apart from benefits like clearing your head and sorting your thoughts and so on there’s been many studies discovering huge effects of meditation! A lot of those studies are after meditating regularly for 8 weeks.

One of the most significant effect found was that long-term meditation changes your brain physically! That’s right, meditation grows your brain in some parts and reduces in others. It grows in left hippocampus which is responsible for learning and ability to retain information, posterion cingulate cortex which controls where your mind wanders and temporo parietal junction which is responsible for compassion and empathy. There were also decreases in cell volume in amygdala which is responsible for fear anxiety and stress.

That is another huge benefit – it reduces stress and boosts your happiness. It helps you better manage stress and decreases the negative side effects off stress. Meditation also reduces depression just as much as commonly prescribed anti-depressant drugs (which are also bad for you).

Meditation also reduces inflammation which is directly connected to stress too. The body and mind are inseparable and it affects both. Meditation can boost your productivity and give you insights. Sometimes it really works wonders how u can get to new conclusions and decide on situation better with no new information about the problem in your head.

One study found that meditation has an effect on genetic level. It changes gene expression of more than 500 genes. It also boosts telomerase which is a protein which protects your telomeres from getting shorter, that’s a good thing because when they get too short (which they do all your life) the cell dies. It’s one of the reasons we age.

You can experience some “trippy shit” and some say even mystical moments during meditation. Almost every long-term meditator can confirm some similar experience. They can also explore how they think, therefore better their thought process and work with it.

There’s been many more studies and many more positive effects found, but I think these are the most important and significant ones. Thank you for reading and see you next time!


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