A piece of me – Openness and Believes

A piece of me – Openness and Believes

I can’t get over it!

In this article, I am going to discuss why I have hard time publishing my thoughts and importance of openness. Also, a lot of things I am writing here has a huge amount of background in which I just couldn’t go into. It would have been too long of an article if I went deeper. I might do that in a future articles on these subjects seperately.

I have real difficulty writing articles which are coming kind of out of me, without further context. You might say “Well, tell us the context then”, the problem with that is that the context is my life. It’s hard to do that and I can hardly put it to words.

It’s not that I am always not that satisfied with something I have written. Of course, I criticise it a lot, but the most striking thing that doesn’t let me to publish it is that I can argue with myself on so many things in the article! There are certain things which I am writing about, but they are way too complex and you can’t say it’s either this way or that way. It’s this and little bit of that and little bit of something else. When I am writing the piece though, I can’t really put all these things together and into words on the paper. It would be hard to read and sometimes wouldn’t make much of a sense. It would be much easier to talk about the matter.


I am moving a little bit forward and working on/with myself to be able to publish it anyway. Publish it even though, I have all these thoughts which are sort of “behind the scenes”. A lot of times I can’t even “see” or realise them, because they are pretty much part of me. They are deep inside me and it’s hard to move with them, I take them for granted. But many people don’t have them and can have super different background which then leads them to thinking something different from what I’ve wanted to emphasise or what I meant. That’s just something I can’t get over yet.

I am soon going to be able to do that though, because I can write anything I want and I can publish anything too. At the same time, I want the blog to have quality content. I also want it to have a bit of me, which is going to be this article and the things I am going to write or publish in the future. They might not be as “exact” as past articles but more of a thinking about something, therefore more abstract. This article is a first step.

Now I would like to write a little bit about what are some of the things that I consider basis of me and my point of view and how I am taking the things I am writing. This is going to be an example out of many, which shows my point a little bit.


Okay, so I am interested in all sorts of stuff, that to me are just amazingly interesting. It’s the universe, the mind, quantum physics, psychedelics, behavioural biology, neuroscience and so on. I have been trying to get to know these things more deeply and I am having fun doing it, but the thing is, that there is just so much we don’t know yet. No one knows. There are theories. I myself think of some and some are more attractive than others. I am trying to be kind of healthy sceptical. If there’s for example something like “We have evidence of mind controlling matter, thanks to quantum physics”. I have seen that a lot of times and nothing like that exists!


People just see something which fits their world and which they want to see and take it for granted. They are sure it’s like that and that it must be it! But this thing comes from not knowing enough, not wanting to see the other side of the problem, from being ignorant. You take something from quantum physics which you like, something from neuroscience and the voila, you have theory which must be bulletproof and it must be 100% true, you got it, you got the mystery of the universe! Well, no, you are just ignorant. I am sorry to be so harsh, but at this point I have just seen so many people saying on so many theories “this must be it/this is it”. And this doesn’t have to be from not knowing enough, because you can never know everything. That is also why it’s so important to realise that, realise that you are probably not right.

“When you know you know nothing, an air of openness and humility prevails. Then real understanding enters the mind”


Mind Controlling Matter example

Of course it could be true (I mean on quantum physical level of reality), but most likely isn’t. There are some interpretations of quantum physics which suggest this being possible, but it’s only one of many and one which is not very likely. The thing is, we just don’t know how to or where there is a border between experiment and outside world or experimenter. This, then leads to something like “experimenter affects the experiment (or matter)”. Well yes, he does affect it simply my choosing which experiment he is going to do and with the act of measurement, but we simply don’t know where the border lays and we don’t know how to filter rest of the reality or the universe from the experiment. It’s just not possible yet.

“We just don’t know”

Yes, I am citing myself from a few lines above. For me, it’s just super powerful statement. I realised why I can’t believe in anything, at least anything specific. Anything specific I would believe in 100% would immediately disregard all the other options! The only thing which is real for me is my subjective experience (Doesn’t mean I believe it). I can then compare my experience to experiences of others. That can give me some result, but that’s not enough. We can do experiments and compare those to each other to see if they are objectively true and right. That’s science, I can believe in that to some extent. Again, I must write “to some extent” because I believe it to 99,9% (Why not 100%? Well, for example because PEOPLE do science), but for me, nothing is 100%, as I think nothing can be 100%, except me, I can be 100% or not me, but my thought right now, I am, that’s the only 100% real thing I can experience. And I don’t mean being right or anything, I mean just an existence of me and my thought right now.

“But what if you are a simulation or something?”

That doesn’t matter at all, I am experiencing it and it’s the same in any way, being simulation or not. “Simulation? What the fuck?” Yes, we can’t know if we aren’t a simulation of some super advance alien civilisation in this universe or perhaps in totally different reality from ours which is way more complex and us being just simple universe experiment done by some “student” as a project in alien school. A similar example to Neal Tyson’s one. Or perhaps a simulation of OUR civilisation which is just far more advanced and just want to check out how it was a few hundred thousand years ago or something.

Sorry, I went a little bit to a rabbit hole, back to the matter! One more example of a thing I cannot believe in, which is any religion. So why I cannot do that? As I said before, if I believe in something like that, I would dismiss all other options! What a fucking shame. It’s just mind-blowing to me that someone is able to do that. How is someone able to just dismiss everything else! There’s so much information out there! So much! How can you possibly think that something you believe in, is the right one? I think, that if you believed in something 100%, let’s say some religion, and then you would stick your head out of your ass and read and learn other religions and other information and “facts” you wouldn’t be able to believe it anymore.

Even thought, you have maybe experienced something totally bizarre and out of this world, which made you “sure” of something and it all makes perfect sense, you MUST step back, re-evaluate and study the matter more deeply. Study other aspects of the experience and go through all the options it might have caused or what it might have been. At the end, not necessarily there but somewhere on the way through the process of getting all this new information, if you are not super ignorant, which you probably aren’t because you went all the way here to get the information. You are going to realise, “wait a minute, it might have been a total bullshit, it could have been this, this and that!”

Yes, it’s horrible, you are never going to be sure what’s going on in this universe, in this life and why are you here, who you are and what you are supposed to do. But, the fact that you are able to do anything, the mere existence of yourself, experiencing the moment right now, is the most incredible thing in this world and you should enjoy it.

“Open Yourself and flow, my friend. Flow in the total openness of the living moment”

Bruce Lee

Don’t be ignorant and close yourself from the world when you find something which fits yours. Get out there and search through worlds of other people, it might be a hell of a journey. Sit back and enjoy the ride! That’s all from my head right now, I hope you guys liked it and sort of peeked a bit into my “world”. Thank you for reading all the way through, you know you are my favourite!

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